Getting Started with Online Advertising

When you’re just starting out with online advertising, it can feel overwhelming. There’s so many different ways to reach your audience, it’s almost an endless sea of setting up accounts and optimizing to actually get results with each of the different tools.

When you’re starting to advertise, it’s important to start with one consideration. Who is your core customer? Do you have a good idea of the kinds of people who are buying from you? How are you reaching them now? Where do you think the people you are not currently reaching spend their time?

Once you have figured out where these potential core customers spend their time, you can more effectively develop a strategy for where you will advertise, what your advertisements will look and feel like, and how you’re targeting your ads. The ultimate goal of any kind of advertisement is to drive results, usually in the form of more sales. If you are not accomplishing that goal, you need to re-evaluate your strategy and consider new ways to reach your target customer.